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The 5th International Ex-libris Competition – Istanbul 2022

The 5th International Ex-libris Competition – Istanbul 2022

The 5th International Ex-libris Competition – Istanbul 2022

Istanbul Ex-libris Society, Istinye University, and Selçuk Ecza Deposu are organizing an international ex-libris competition open to artists and designers from all countries in order to bring together and evaluate authentic ex-libris prints of highest aesthetic, artistic and technical quality, created as marks of ownership for books, to encourage artists and to introduce the art of ex-libris to the general public and create interest in the subject.


Article 1. Participants can participate in the competition with a maximum of 5 different ex-libris produced between 2018-2022. 3 signed copies of each print should be sent.

Article 2. There is no limitation in subject and printing techniques. In addition to traditional printmaking techniques, photographic works or computer designs shall also be accepted on the condition that all works of art should be multi-copied. Photocopies, drawings, or sketches shall not be accepted.

Article 3. The word “Ex-libris” (“Ekslibris”, “Exlibris”, “Bookplate”) or a word with this meaning should be placed on the ex-libris together with the name of the owner (living) or the name of the organization.

Article 4. Each print shall be signed or initialed by the artist. It is obligatory that the ex-libris bear legibly on the back of the print, the artist’s name, the symbol of the technique used, the year of creation, and the name of the owner. In case of the usage of a non-Latin alphabet, the Latin alphabet version shall appear on the back of the print with the English translation where necessary.

Article 5. The paper support of the ex-libris must not be larger than A5 (21 cm x 15 cm). The printed surface of the ex-libris should not exceed 13 cm x 13 cm. The ex-libris shall not be pasted to cardboard or colored paper. Should be ready for use.

Article 6. The deadline for submission is 30 August 2022, the stamped postal date being decisive. The ex-libris shall be posted in the safest manner to avoid any kind of damage.

Article 7. The words “Printed Material” and “No Commercial Value” should be written on the envelope.

Article 8. The address to send is: Hasip Pektas, Selçuk Ecza Holding, Istanbul Ex-libris Museum, Mahir Iz Cad. No: 45 TR-34662 Üsküdar – Istanbul, Turkey. GSM: +90 532 437 99 76, e-mail: General information about ex-libris:

Article 9. Prizes:

First Prize (Istinye University); 1.000 USD.

Second Prize (Selçuk Ecza Deposu); 800 USD.

Third Prize (Istanbul Ex-libris Society); 600 USD.

Special Prize (Mürşide İçmeli / Dinçer Pilgir); 500 USD.

Special Prize (Tülay-Şükrü Ertürk); 500 USD.

Special Prize (Nesrin-Orhan Akbulut); 500 USD.

Special Prize (Ayşe-Noyan Ünal); 500 USD.

Special Prize (Mehmet Rafet Atalık); 500 USD.

Other individuals and organizations may give special awards, provided that they are not less than 500 USD. The jury may award honorable mentions and certificates of honor to the artists it deems appropriate.

Article 10. The ex-libris shall be evaluated on the basis of their authenticity and originality, their artistic, technical, and aesthetic merit, and the quality of the relation between the image and inscription in the composition.

Article 11. The Jury is composed of:

Prof. Dr. Martin R. Baeyens, Ex-libris Artist – Belgium

Prof. Dr. Peyami Çelikcan, İstinye University Vice Rector – Turkey

Şükrü Ertürk, Ex-libris Artist, Banknote Designer – Turkey

M. Sonay Gürgen, Selçuk Ecza Deposu Chairman of the Board – Turkey

Prof. Dr. Hasip Pektaş, President of İstanbul Ex-libris Society and Museum – Turkey

Article 12. A catalog will be prepared for the ex-libris awarded and exhibited, and one copy will be sent to the participants, to the extent possible. It will also be published on the website.

Article13. Ex-libris for the competition will not be returned. A copy will be placed in Selçuk Ecza Holding İstanbul Ex-libris Museum. The second copy will remain at İstinye University. The third copy will be used for the exhibition. İstanbul Ex-libris Society is entitled to use the exhibited ex-libris in the website, CD, catalog, journals, and books.

Article 14. The ex-libris awarded and deemed worthy of the exhibition will be exhibited in İstanbul and other cities as much as possible as of October 2022.

Article 15. By participating in the competition, an artist shall be considered to have accepted its terms and conditions and agrees to abide by the decisions of the jury.

Article 16. Participants shall fill in the form given below and post it together with the works submitted.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Form of The 5th International Ex-libris Competition – İstanbul 2022

(Please, fill in with Latin characters)

Name, Surname:



Email :

Curriculum Vitae (in brief):

Apart from the competition, artists can donate their old ex-libris or their collections to the İstanbul Ex-libris Museum. This support will never be forgotten.

About the Author

Hasip Pektaş was born in Ermenek in 1953. He has been working as a Professor at Üsküdar University, Faculty of Communication in the Visual Communication Design Department in Istanbul. He wrote a book about "Ex-libris". He has also been working hard to make ex-libris well-known in Turkey. He organized 4 International Ex-libris Competitions and 33rd FISAE International Ex-libris Congress in 2010 in Istanbul. He founded Istanbul Ex-libris Museum in Selçuk Ecza Holding in 2019. He is the President of Istanbul Ex-libris Society.

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