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Ex-libris Museums

Ex-libris Museums

Ex-libris Museums
Hasip Pektas

There are 10 museums in the world that play an important role in preserving and disseminating the history of ex-libris art; that show interest in ex-libris art and exhibit these special collections.

1. Istanbul Ex-libris Museum (Turkey): It is the first ex-libris museum in Turkey with a collection of nearly 17,000 ex-libris belonging to the Istanbul Ex-libris Association founded by Hasip Pektaş. Established in 2019 within Selçuk Ecza Holding, it gained the status of a private museum with the approval of the Ministry of Culture in 2020. It is under the patronage of art-loving business person M. Sonay Gürgen.

2. Frederikshavn Ex-libris Museum (Denmark): Located in Frederikshavn, this museum has more than 1 million ex-libris covering the entire history of art. 500,000 of the collection, which was formed with the donations of 6 ex-libris enthusiast collectors, is shared on the website However, recently, the collection had to be moved to another location after the city municipality withdrew its support.

3. Gutenberg Museum (Germany): Located in Germany, this museum has an important collection of book art and printing.

4. Sint-Niklaas Museum (Belgium): Located in Belgium, this museum showcases the history and diversity of the art of ex-libris and has a collection of nearly 800,000 items. Unfortunately, it is currently closed as the city municipality has withdrawn its support.

5. Moscow Ex-libris Museum (Russia): Located in the Russian capital, this museum organizes exhibitions with international participation.

6. Museo Exlibris Mediterraneo (Italy): Located in Italy, this museum promotes the art of ex-libris in the Mediterranean region.

7. Shanghai Fuxihanzhai Exlibris Museum (China): Located in Shanghai, this museum focuses on ex-libris art in China.

8. Nancy Library (France): Located in France, this library houses ex-libris collections.

9. Lewych Museum (Odessa, Ukraine): Located in Ukraine, this museum contributes to the art of ex-libris.

10. Ex-libris Centre (Bulgaria): Located in Bulgaria, this center contributes to the art of ex-libris.

Important public collections in public institutions and libraries can also be added to these museums. In the UK, the famous Franks Collection at the British Museum, about 20 in Germany, 5 in France, 5 in the USA and the famous National Library collection in Austria, which Claudia Karoly is interested in. In Russia, both the Pushkin Museum in Moscow and the Hermitage in St. Petersburg have very important collections. In Switzerland, there are important public collections in Geneva and Basel.

About the Author

Hasip Pektaş was born in Ermenek in 1953. He has been working as a Professor at İstinye University, Faculty of Communication in the Visual Communication Design Department in Istanbul. He wrote a book about "Ex-libris". He has also been working hard to make ex-libris well-known in Turkey. He organized 5 International Ex-libris Competitions and 33rd FISAE International Ex-libris Congress in 2010 in Istanbul. He founded Istanbul Ex-libris Museum in Selçuk Ecza Holding in 2019. He is the President of Istanbul Ex-libris Society.

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